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Arnold & Sons

Arnolds & Sons – Woodwind & Brass Instruments

Under the brand name, “Arnolds & Sons” we distribute high quality instruments at favourable prices and conditions, especially instruments of the range, Arnolds & Sons “Terra” that stand out as excellent value for money.


F. Arthur Uebel

F. Arthur Uebel – Clarinets

In 1936, the son of the Woodwind instrument manufacturer, Friedrich Gustav Uebel (1855-1936), established his own workshop in Markneukirchen, Germany. As an apprentice to the “Old Master” Oskar Oehler, he continued the production of first class clarinets, after his Master’s death, under the trademark FAU.


The long standing tradition of F. Arthur Uebel Clarinets combined with skilled craftmanship and state of the art manufacturing techniques produces instruments that enthuse even the most discerning clarinettist. Our Know-how, your advantage: Innovative concept, excellent tone, naturally dried wood, easy response, secure intonation and precise keywork are all features that will quickly inspire you.

FAU-Clarinets are in the world of both systems at home, German(Oehler) and Boehm(French).

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P. Mauriat

P. Mauriat


P. Mauriat saxophones represent the embodiment of aesthetic beauty and technical precision. All of the “horns” are handmade in order to bring out the innate characteristics and sound of each exclusive model, reminding us of the warm, full tone of the Vintage era. Whether you are on stage, in a studio, sitting in a band or orchestra, with a P. Mauriat you have a true “friend” that will allow you to express yourself to the full. “Go for the sound!”

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Sankyo – Flutes

The Sankyo Flute Company was founded by skilled craftsmen who had the simple desire to create high quality flutes. It is this love of detail that makes Sankyo Flutes so special. In pursuit of the perfect sound, Sankyo was one of the first to manufacture flutes in silver and gold. Even the not so visible parts are beautifully hand crafted making each instrument a work of art. The secret behind this craftsmanship is that nothing is neglected or entrusted to subcontactors. The total manufacturing process is done within the company.



Vandoren – Reeds, Mouthpieces, Ligatures

A famous manufacturer of Mouthpieces, Reeds, Ligatures and accessories for clarinet and saxophone. Vandoren is represented in over 100 countries. They are continually developing their products further, in order to meet the high demands of the musicians. The encasing of the reeds in Flowpacks allows for the ideal packaging of the product. With Vandoren, you will be able to play on a higher level!

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La Tromba

La Tromba – Fine Care Products for Brass and Woodwinds

La Tromba oils and greases for valves, keys and slides for windinstruments guarantees you at all times the security needed for functional instruments. The cleaning and care products not only give your instrument a perfect gloss, but they also conserve it over a long period.



Soundline – Gigbags

Gigbags for Wind Instruments and Accessoires

Concentrate on your music, your Soundline gigbag will look after the transport of your instrument. They give your instrument ideal protection and are comfortable to carry. Flexible foam, tough outer layer fabric, numerous pockets, smooth running zips … All this in high grade material and quality workmanship make Soundline the first choice for your instrument.


Denis Wick

Denis Wick – Mouthpieces, Mutes and Accessoires

Denis Wick combines traditional craftsmanship with modern technology to manufacture one of the largest ranges of mouthpieces, mutes and accessories for brasswind instruments on offer. The company works with leading brass players over the world continually developing new products for the needs of the modern musician. You will find Denis Wick products in every corner of the earth in orchestras and bands. “Performance by Design”


Josef Lidl

Josef Lidl Brno – Brass Instruments

Brass instruments made by Josef Lidl Brno combine traditional craftsmanship with manufactory character and modern technology. It is our claim to produce instruments of high quality, lightly appealing and excellent sounding.

The existing production range of trumpets, flugelhorns, French and double horns as well as tubas will be successively expanded.



Di Zhao

Di Zhao is an industry leader with an excellent selection for every musical taste. From high quality beginners’ flutes to handmade concert flutes in all price ranges as well as alto, bass and double bass flutes.

RAT Stand

RAT Stand

The RAT Stand was born in 1976, when one of the UK’s leading opera companies commissioned the design of an all-new illuminated music stand. Since then, over 1000 leading opera houses, theatres, concert halls and performing arts venues all over the world have come to value our music stands, conductor stands, chairs, lights, and staging.



The Muramatsu flute

Die Geschichte des modernen Flötenbaus in Japan begann 1923 mit der allerersten Flöte, die der verstorbene Pionier Koichi Muramatsu, ein bedeutender Kunsthandwerker und Begründer der Muramatsu-Flöten, baute. Zu dieser Zeit betrug die Zahl der Amateur- und Profi-Flötenspieler in Japan lediglich zwanzig. Muramatsus hingebungsvoller Einsatz und seine Leidenschaft für den Flötenbau sind in der grundlegenden Philosophie der Muramatsu-Flöten auch heute noch lebendig.

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